About Us

Nurturing minds, shaping futures, empowering through education.

Our focus is on the development and improvement of educational methods and techniques, as well as on improving the quality of education in Europe.
The European Association of Educators is a humanitarian, educational and educational, independent, non-governmental and non-profit association, founded with the aim of increasing the level of education. Our mission is to achieve goals in the field of providing non-formal education, through focused and effective action planning and implementation of programs and projects.

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Our Goals

Our association is committed to pursuing various goals.

Our association of educators enhances citizens’ quality of life through accessible and inclusive lifelong learning opportunities.
Our association promotes youth ideas, empowering young minds to shape the future through innovative and inclusive educational initiatives.
Our association provides education and professional development for young people and experts, empowering them to thrive in their respective fields.
Our association emphasizes the crucial significance of lifelong education, unlocking continuous personal and professional growth for individuals.
The European Association of Educators aims to create positive change by organizing impactful charity events across communities.
The European Association of Educators inspires active citizenship, promoting individual problem-solving and societal participation for a better tomorrow.
The goal of the European Association of Educators is to cultivate cultural, sports, and academic awareness through informal means.
The European Association of Educators strives to organize diverse forms of informal education independently or in collaboration with other organizations.
The European Association of Educators promotes lifelong learning, inspiring citizens to embrace education as a continuous journey.

Benefits Of Joining EUAOE

Join us today and be part of our global network of educators in informal education!

Becoming a member of the Association brings numerous benefits for the individual. As a member of the Association, an individual gets the opportunity to connect with other experts and professionals in the field of informal education, as well as to participate in projects and programs implemented by the Association. This provides an opportunity to improve and expand knowledge and skills, but also to exchange ideas and experiences with other experts.
In addition, membership in the Association provides the opportunity to participate in conferences, seminars, workshops and other events organized by the Association. It provides an opportunity to learn about new trends and achievements in the field of non-formal education, as well as to network with other professionals.
Membership in the Association also provides the opportunity to acquire valid certificates in the field of non-formal education, which can be very useful in professional life. As a member of the Association, an individual has access to resources and materials that can be helpful in his work, as well as the opportunity for mentorship and advice from experienced experts.

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